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Impact Hub Salt Lake is comprised of a team of passionate and forward-thinking changemakers who are deeply invested in Utah's social, economic and ecological future. With a broad skill set that ranges from finance and architecture to civic engagement and marketing, we work every day to create the best conditions for you to manifest your impact.


Impact Hub Salt Lake Team


Dustin Haggett

Dustin is the catalyst behind Impact Hub Salt Lake’s growth and community partnerships. While attending Presidio Graduate S…

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Søren Simonsen

Søren creates valuable civic and community partnerships for Impact Hub Salt Lake. As a former Salt Lake City Council Member,…

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Ryan Chatterton

Ryan manages Impact Hub Salt Lake’s day-to-day operations. He implements and maintains operational processes and technical …

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Baya Voce

As the Community Development Coordinator at Impact Hub Salt Lake, Baya thrives when she's bringing people together and c…

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Sarah Burroughs

Sarah helps host the community at Impact Hub Salt Lake. Sarah is the founder and designer of anne b designs. anne b specializ…

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Kaitlin Butler

Kaitlin is the program director at the Science and Environmental Health Network, a decentralized non-profit organization whic…

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Ian Hiscock

Ian helps host the community at Impact Hub Salt Lake. Ian Hiscock is a 2014 University of Utah graduate specializing in onlin…

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Adam Malmborg

Adam helps host the community at Impact Hub Salt Lake. Adam Malmborg is the founder of Project Pineapple, a web-based Integra…

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