There are a lot of traditional diets out there, but none that were able to persuade me to action. There is only one nutritional approach that I was ever convinced to try. Kudos to Dallas and Melissa Hartwig for their impressive Whole30 program that succeeded where so many others failed. Getting me to change my nutritional behavior was a major accomplishment in and of itself, but the Whole30 program has impacted the lives of a million other people, by guiding them to healthier eating habits.

Dallas and Melissa were early Impact Hub members and started Whole9 (the parent company to the Whole30) back in 2009. They have expanded since then and are currently ramping up for a book tour of the official Whole30 book, due out in April.

The Whole30 program confidently claims to improve sleep, energy, mood and self-esteem. The most significant improvement, in my opinion, is reducing ones cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Breads, pastas and even artificial sweeteners are completely cut out. Not only that, you’ll have to say goodbye to milk and alcohol if you want to be fully compliant. Sound hard? Dallas and Melissa will tell you, “It’s not hard. Don’t you dare tell us it’s hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.”

Completing the Whole30 program was the single most satisfying culinary experience of my life. I admit, to one degree or another, I experienced all the health improvement claims made on the Whole9 website. The Whole30 program is truly powerful enough to be a positive impact on those willing to take the challenge.




Photos taken from @whole9life on Instagram unless otherwise noted.

Mac Galeano

Mac Galeano

Mac is a mustachioed creative junky & designer. A yerba mate connoisseur, motorcyclist and bocce aficionado, Mac also enjoys entrepreneurial endeavors and a part-time writing gig with Impact Hub.