Support Impact Hub’s Grand Opening via Thunderclap

Impact Hub needs your help to spread the word that we’re now in Salt Lake City, ready to spark innovation and help solve social issues. We’re on a mission to give entrepreneurs the space, tools, and connections they need to impact change in Salt Lake City.

Although Impact Hub has had a pop-up location in Salt Lake City for a while, we have officially moved to a beautiful and permanent downtown location. We’re now located at 150 South State Street, in the historic Zim’s building, where we’ve taken great care to preserve the 1890s character and add our own contemporary flare. We invite the public to join us for a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, April 30th at 10:00 a.m., and please come check out the new space with tours between April 30th and May 1st, every hour, on the hour, between noon and 6:00 p.m.

We’d love your help getting the word out about our new location in Salt Lake City. You can help by supporting us via Thunderclap, a new platform that rallies support for causes and organizations. It’s similar to a crowdfunding website, such as Kickstarter, but instead of donating money, we simply ask that you donate a tweet or Facebook status about our grand opening. Then, Thunderclap will send all crowdsourced tweets and Facebook statuses at once, maximizing our reach and impact.


How to Support Impact Hub via Thunderclap:

1. Follow the link:
2. Choose whether to support our cause via Facebook or Twitter.
3. Authorize the Thunderclap app to post a tweet or status on your behalf on April 30th at noon MDT.
4. Feel good about supporting your local community.

If you care about supporting programs in Salt Lake City that help foster innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and social impact, please support Impact Hub’s opening via Thunderclap. Thank you, and we’ll see you at our Grand Opening events!