Utah’s nonprofits do incredible work to build community and address important social, environmental and health issues, but don’t always have access to capital and mentoring for their enterprising work. The Community Foundation of Utah (CFU) was launched in 2008 by Fraser Nelson—who left earlier this year for an appointment at Salt Lake County—to help support and build capacity, particularly with volunteer based organizations.

Community FoundationKatherine (L) and Lauren (R) of Community Foundation of Utah

Not everyone knows about CFU, but you’d have to be hiding under a rock to have not heard about its annual crowd-funding campaign for Utah nonprofits “Love Utah, Give Utah.” The campaign was launched three years ago to help boost small nonprofits weathering the economic storm, and now is an annual fundraising event.


In 2014, the Social Investors Forum was added as a “Shark Tank” style grant program, which is available to both nonprofits and public benefit oriented for-profit companies.


Recently, Katherine Fife and Lauren Singer Katz from CFU joined us at JumpStart to share their social enterprise stories.


Katherine is Director of Philanthropy at CFU. She oversees the Foundation’s philanthropic funds and fund donors. She is a Utah native, and has worked in the nonprofit sector for two decades.


Lauren Singer Katz is Director of Operations at CFU. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, and lived in northern Israel and Europe before finding her home in Salt Lake City.


These two women are innovative leaders of the social enterprise ecosystem. Today, CFU is one of 700 capacity-building community foundations across the country. To learn more about what CFU is doing to support innovative nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and impact investors, visit www.utahcf.org.


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