Bryson Garbett didn’t intend to be an entrepreneur. He started his construction career at age 18. In
1988, he graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in History. “After starting a business
with my brother, I fell into running a company that was upside down at the time,” he says.
With a degree in history and little business background, Bryson had to dive into a mini executive
education. “Just-in-time education was really essential,” he recalls.
Bryson likes the way that Impact Hub Salt Lake has filled an important education and collaboration
niche for startups. “Being around others and able to walk to a desk or office next door and bounce
an idea is really important.” It’s a completely different opportunity than the boot-strapping he did in
his early years.

Bryson Garbett
Sometimes in business it’s not what you decide to do, it’s what you decide not to do that drives
your success. Deciding to not build for others was a key decision. As Bryson took the company in
a new direction, he chose to maintain ownership interest and focus on long-term investments.
He is also a very hands-on executive, which has contributed to a company culture built for
success. “Everyone knew where to find me,” Bryson says. “Being accessible to reinforce ideas
from the building crew was more important than having immediate answers for them.”
Bryson has come to rely on great people. “They are critical. Sometimes people get stuck, but
pushing them to think through things rather than figuring it out for them has been affective to keep
things moving forward.”
Many of the years in business have been an exercise in survival. When the recession hit in October
2008, Garbett Homes had just purchased a large parcel of land. Bryson started to explore new
opportunities, using contemporary designs and making solar standard rather than optional. There
were plenty of times he wanted to give up, but every time found a way to push through.
Garbett Homes has since become one of the largest and most innovative homebuilders in Utah,
with a focus on solar powered and energy efficient homes and apartments. The company has
been building award winning homes for almost 30 years through a company culture of innovation
in green technology, design and affordability.
Join Impact Hub Salt Lake for JumpStart, each first and third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 in the
morning, and hear from social entrepreneurs and changemakers like Bryson, driving the purpose
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