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Join us as we connect with some of SLC’s best local artists over a drink and some delicious bites. Tonight will feature 5 local artists. Some art work samples are featured below. Food and drink will be served. This event is not public, you must RSVP below for an invitation.


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Participating Artists

D. Hake Brinckerhoff



My place of origin holds tremendous influence over me, and therefore my work.  As a young child in rural Vermont, I grew up with NPR as continual background, and the woods as my playground. If I wasn’t in a tree or tree house, I was drawing.  I have loved painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.Art was always my favorite subject, and after completing all possibilities offered at my high school, my art teacher arranged for me to take classes at Dartmouth, the local college.  I was not prepared for my first class, a figure drawing class for which my middle school art teacher was the very naked male model.  Eventually my color faded, and I began to learn how to draw in earnest.  I continued to study and experiment with mixed media, water color, acrylic, and learn how to stretch and prepare my own canvas.  When I learned how to drive, I threw supplies in the trunk and took off over rutted dirt roads to favorite spots, fields, farmlands, cows, and trees.  I had no idea this was “open air” painting.  The summer between junior and senior year in high school I attended Wesleyan summer art program.  I was introduced to printmaking, oil paint, gesture drawings, and most importantly, to the fact that art school existed.  At art school I learned more than I ever imagined, and worked harder than I thought possible.  After my freshman year I lived off campus with a good group, took classes at Brown (taking advantage of the exchange program the two schools have), took up sculling, and fell deeply in love with Rhode Island.

I paint quickly, intuitively, and work much of the surface at the same time.  The tension of composition as well as the emotional and physical weight of a painting is important to me.  By that I mean that I want to convey emotion through abstract expression using line and gesture drawing as foundation, and the paint, color, shapes, and movement as the meat that holds the whole thing together.  In the past, most of my work has been figurative, and I have paid particular attention to the question of where in the body the figure holds its “weight” (both literally and figuratively).  I’m always asking the question of what “story” the figure can offer the viewer and what emotion does the image convey? One of the main stories I find myself drawn to in particular is that of human survival: the ways in which people make themselves vulnerable and then are able to maintain resiliency through the messiness of living. I’m intrigued by where the story of the viewer and the story of the image converge, and the role I can play in how the two connect.  As my life has changed, so has my work and subject matter.  Over time it has been the thoughts, questions, and emotions behind the work that tend to hinge the years together.  Most recently, I find myself very motivated to create work that can be both beautiful, challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable. This has led me deeper into the realm of exploring topics that some consider social/cultural taboos.


Justin Wheatley


Justin Wheatley was born and raised in Clinton, Utah. He has lived in Salt Lake City for the past nine years. During that time, much of his work has focused on the neighborhoods of Salt Lake. He is represented by 15th Street, Evergreen, and Trove Galleries.


Upcoming Show:



Jeffrey Hale

Jeffrey Hale works as a full-time painter in his Salt Lake City studio. As a primarily self-taught artist he has worked professionally over the last decade showing in both solo and group exhibitions in galleries such as the Finch Lane Gallery and The Loge Gallery at The Pioneer Theatre Company. He is collected throughout the U.S., Prague and Vienna. Recently, Hale’s patrons have steadily increased after he announced he was entering the art market full-time.After an exciting “pop-up” solo art exhibit at Poliform SLC, Hale has been drawing attention from the architectural and fashion communities. He has been juried into the Springville Museum of Art’s State Wide Annual Salon two years in a row and has shows planned this year at David Ericson Fine Art and 15th Street Gallery in SLC.


Portia Snow



I am

moved by the physical world

the light that hits its landscapes

those that inhabit it


play between gesture and rest;



the silhouette of a skirt…


A significant part of my photographs are captured on my iPhone. Images that speak to me most strongly are those that are captured in the spaces between moments.

Photography as a medium intrigues me. The instantaneous capture, the mistakes, the intended or unintended story. The spaces between the moments have me falling in love over and over again.


James Alan Baker

I have always been drawn to all the beauty I see around me, quick to study the colors with my eyes, the texture with my fingers, the composition with my heart. I try to fill my paintings with the beauty I see in the world. Ideas became abstractions become paintings when churned through an intrinsic process of aggressive mark making coupled with delicate color choices and a graphic use of line. My paintings tie me closer to the beauty i perceive and develop out of ideas that symbolize growth, rebirth, peace and whimsical hope.


My pieces describe a point where my dreams, memories, and life intersect. With the use of symbols, text, and lines, I weld, dissect, and map out the way in which these three worlds converge. Emotionally charged symbols serve as road signs, mile stones and links between reality, and the sub-verse dream worlds. Spatial relationships create wombs and port-holes that allow solitude, and allow passage from one plane to another.



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16 April 2015 | 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Impact Hub Salt Lake


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