What is the Host Program?

Hosts are individuals who join the Impact Hub Salt Lake staff part time in exchange for unlimited access to our member resources, community and events; they form the core of Impact Hub Salt Lake's operations and community building efforts in downtown Salt Lake City.

What do Hosts Do?

There are two Hosting teams, each with their own core functions.

Space Hosts

Space Hosts are our "member-leaders." By that we mean that we view them as members first (working out of the space on their own projects, engaging the community on a personal level), but because of their Hosting responsibilities, are considered leaders among the member community. They work one 6-hour shift per week at the Host desk and attend monthly Space Host meetings. These Hosts catalyze our internal community by connecting members, tending to the workspace, and assisting with light administrative work.

Requirements/Desired Qualifications: It's best if Space Hosts have a project or business they are working on. This adds a lot to the diversity and experience of our community. Hosts that have a project also tend to value the membership more than those who do not, resulting in happier, longer-lasting Hosts. It's also important for Space Hosts to be dedicated to the position and responsible with their shift coverage.

Events Hosts

Events Hosts help plan and execute stellar events and programs in the Impact Hub Salt Lake space. These events are designed to shape the social and startup ecosystem in downtown Salt Lake City. These individuals setup, take down, help plan and coordinate events, and socialize at events. This position is great for those with daytime job commitments. We have weekly calls or in-person meetings to keep everybody on the same page. Each Events Host is responsible for helping with 4 to 6 events per month.

Requirements/Desired Qualifications: Strong communication skills in order to coordinate events, some space layout design experience/talent, organized, and punctual.

Expectations of professionalism, timeliness and dependability:

Because we consider hosts a core part of the Impact Hub Salt Lake team, we expect that hosts maintain a professional disposition and commitment. Please give this role the same integrity that you would any job. Showing up to shifts and meetings on time is a necessity. We also ask that that hosts stick to their scheduled shifts or event commitments, and make plans to reschedule with other hosts well in advance if they plan to be out of town.


This is a work-trade position. In exchange for your time as an Impact Hub Host, you will receive:
  • A free Impact Hub Salt Lake Full Time Membership with access to our building 24/7
  • Educational and training opportunities through Impact Hub events and programs;
  • Access to support groups within the Impact Hub membership base for finding careers and jobs you'll love;
  • Private mentoring sessions with core team members and mentors;
  • Swag (Impact Hub T-shirt, discounts to services like The Gym, SLC GREENbike and more);
  • References from core team members to put on your resume going forward;
  • The opportunity to be part of an exciting, sexy team that is building an innovation community in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City

Desired attitudes and behaviors:

Agility and proactivity:

  • Intrapreneurial attitude (using entrepreneurial skills within the frame of an organization)
  • Energy, determination and capability for problem solving
  • Humility and adaptability
  • Imagination and openness to surprise and being surprised

Results and sustainable impact oriented:

  • Continuous improvement philosophy
  • Capacity for analysis and detail management
  • Ability to gather, interpret, codify and document information (stories, perspectives, interactions)

Relational capacity:

Exceptional communication skills: written, verbal and personal
  • Ability to be an active listener, mediator and facilitator 
  • Interest in and skill with community building
  • Ability to invite, engage and convert interested people into members

Knowledge base & learning capacity:

  • Actively stays up to date on what is happening around the community and world, with active knowledge relevant to the social innovation arena and the entrepreneurship field
  • Knowledge of the various business and social impact sectors in Salt Lake City and knowledge of issues critical to members and their different areas of practice
Ready to apply to one of our host positions? We are currently hiring. Please answer the short questions in the host application, and we'll get back to you a few days after your submission. Thank you for supporting the Impact Hub mission!

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